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Scottsdale Glaucoma Surgery

Eye Physicians & Surgeons Arizona offers you state-of-the-art glaucoma treatment that includes

  • Eye Drops
  • Laser Glaucoma Surgery
    • For patients who are living with glaucoma or pose as a risk for specific types of glaucoma
      • Laser Iridotomy (LPI)
        • This laser surgery is specifically for narrowing-angle glaucoma and for patients with severe side effects or pressure that can’t be lowered by medication
      • Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT)
        • Specifically for open-angle glaucoma and to improve the drainage of fluid from the eye
  • Traditional Glaucoma Surgery options
    • Includes procedures that have been used for decades to lower eye pressure
      • Trabeculectomy
      • Aqueous Shunt Surgery
      • Cyclphotocoagulation
  • Non-Traditional Glaucoma Surgery Options
    • These surgery options are minimally invasive
      • Trabecular Bypass Devices
      • Kahook Duo Blade
      • Canaloplasty
      • Omni Canaloplasty
      • XEN Microstent

Scottsdale Ophthalmologists

Dr. George Reiss is exceptionally experienced in Glaucoma procedures, acting as a clinical research investigator for emerging glaucoma treatments & medications. 

Whether you need a timely procedure or a thorough eye exam, the eye doctors at Eye Physicians & Surgeons of Arizona can cover all of your eye care needs. Please schedule an appointment with one of our ophthalmologists today and begin your journey towards improved vision!


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